Celebrities influence young minds, and children try to follow in their footsteps. Brands and marketers can use this to target audiences, sell products, and increase revenue generation. They can hire the current influential actor in their marketing campaigns so that people would buy their product out of loyalty to the celebrity.

However, hiring an actor for a 2-minute ad can cost you a fortune. AI came up with a better and cost-effective solution to celebrity cameos. You can now record celebrity video messages using AI cloning that copies a celebrity's exact speech and face. This article discusses tools to create a personalized celebrity message and their alternative.

In this article
  1. What are the Different Ethical Uses of Personalized Celebrity Messages in Today's Era?
  2. Top-Rated Tools to Generate Celebrity Video Messages with Ease
  3. Wondershare DemoCreator: A Haven for Creating Your Own Video Message

Part 1. What are the Different Ethical Uses of Personalized Celebrity Messages in Today's Era?

Celebrity personalized messages have become famous in today’s era. However, these video messages must be used within ethical boundaries. In this section, we are going to discuss some of the ethical uses of these video celebrity messages:

1. Milestone Events

A celebrity video message would be better on occasions like some child's birthday or someone's anniversary. If someone achieves a milestone or a goal and you bring them a message from their favorite celebrity, that would be joyous for them.

2. Inspirational Message

At moments when someone is going through a low phase of life, these personalized celebrity messages can encourage them. You can record a motivational dialogue with your favorite celebrity to help them stay positive.

3. Fundraising Campaigns

For events where an organization is fundraising for children, animals, or other purposes, a personalized message from a celebrity can impact people. It can help in charity by encouraging its fans to donate for the betterment of humanity.

4. Public Service Announcements

Celebrity video messages can help raise awareness about social issues for positive change. For instance, issues like child abuse, the importance of education for children, women's rights, and more. People tend to pay attention when they listen to an influential person talking about an issue. 

5. Fan Engagement on Special Occasions

If someone is a die-hard celebrity fan, what can be better for him than to gift him his ideal's message? Celebrity personalized messages can be used on special occasions for such fans as retirement, graduation, farewells, or promotions.

6. Support for Chronic Patients

Patients who are facing a chronic illness like cancer, HIV, or others already feel helpless. However, to improve their day, a video message from their favorite celebrity can be encouraging. It will help them think that if the good days don't last, nor will the bad ones.

Part 2. Top-Rated Tools to Generate Celebrity Video Messages with Ease

If you want to make a friend’s day better or want to surprise them using a personalized celebrity message, you are at the right place. This article will mention some of the leading and reliable celebrity video message generators here:

1. SendFame

Whether you want to generate the celebrity voice of a footballer like Ronaldo, a singer like Drake, or a political hero, you can do so with this celebrity video message generator. The tool can transform your text into a celebrity speech and video in 3 simple steps. You can choose from a scene or a picture to record a message.

sendfame celebrity video message

Key Features

  1. This celebrity video message generator possesses a straightforward interface for video generation.
  2. Amongst being a video message generator, the tool also acts as an AI music generator.
  3. The tool has 4 pricing plans based on the creator's requirements.

2. DeepWord

Do you want to create a video celebrity message for a friend on a special occasion? Using this tool, you can create such videos by uploading a video of an actor or by choosing from its collection. Creating celebrity videos with this tool is a simple three-step procedure. The tool uses AI abilities to synthesize accurate celebrity videos and voices.

deepword celebrity video message

Key Features

  1. The tool uses AI Text-to-Speech abilities to convert prompts into celebrity voices.
  2. Using its "Upload" function, you can upload an audio track to add speech to a celebrity video.
  3. You can directly publish your celebrity's personalized message to social platforms.

3. CelebVM

Craft a celebrity personalized video by using CelebVM’s diverse collection of celebrity videos and voices. The tool doesn't offer a free plan; however, the results are promising, and you can get a celebrity video in just a few minutes. It has categorized celebrities into trending, comedy, music, sports, actors, and even child stars.

celebvm celebrity video message

Key Features

  1. The tool has an accessible user interface, and you can just search for the celebrity name using the search tab.
  2. It asks you for details such as name, hobbies, and occasion for creating a precise video message.
  3. You can download the video on your device permanently or upload it to social platforms.

4. TrueFan

If you are a true Bollywood fan, this tool is perfect for creating a personalized message from a celebrity. It allows you to generate a message in all your favorite actor's voices with videos. Its smartphone version is also available, and you can book a video message online as well. You can get your friend 30 long seconds of birthday wishes using any celebrity’s video and voice.

truefan celebrity video message

Key Features

  1. It generates a video message in 4K ultra-high resolution quality to make your day.
  2. The visual and auditory resemblance of actors is uncanny, and you can't tell the difference.
  3. It has 4 message themes: Birthday, Best Wishes, Motivation, and Wedding Anniversary.

5. Cameo

Are you looking for a professional video editor that lets you create and download personalized celebrity messages? With Cameo, you can choose from different categories of celebrities, like reality TV stars, athletes, comedians, musicians, and more. Use its search bar to find your favorite celebrity and get started on your journey.

cameo celebrity video message

Key Features

  1. You can use this tool for kids and for business for more professional results.
  2. Not only does it clone real-life actors, but it also personalizes cartoon characters to entertain the kids.
  3. It has affordable pricing plans and delivers the celebrity video message in 7 days.

Part 3. Wondershare DemoCreator: A Haven for Creating Your Own Video Message

You have read about personalized celebrity message generators in the above section. They are exceptional at what they do; however, you cannot create a personal video message from it. For that purpose, you can use Wondershare DemoCreator, an AI-integrated video generator and editor. It has multiple personalization options, and you can enhance a video using its built-in feature.

If you are recording a birthday video, you can add celebration effects or stickers in the video to make it pop. In addition, you can add text and animations for adding captions or affectionate words. The tool exports your video in high resolution, and you can also share it on other platforms like YouTube or TikTok.

Key Features of Wondershare DemoCreator

DemoCreator offers multiple features for the personalization and enhancement of your videos. Here are some of its comprehensive features that you may find interesting:

  1. Denoise: The denoise feature can help in improving the audio quality of your video. It removes unnecessary background noises and gives you control over the reduction intensity. Moreover, the tool can reduce multiple noises like humming, wind, or more.
  2. Screen Recorder: If you are a teacher or a creator who makes tutorial videos, this tool can help you. With its screen recording feature, you can record a selected area of your screen. Moreover, there are multiple customization options for microphones and webcams.
  3. Resize Video: Instagram, Facebook, and other social media applications specify video resolution. Making videos according to a platform’s resolution optimizes your content. This tool can adjust the resolution of your video without compromising on content quality.
  4. Change Video Speed: Use its amazing speed adjustment tool to add a slow motion effect to your videos as it slows down the speed to 0.1x. You can also create a hyper-lapse video using its high-speed options that increase playback speed to 50x.

Guide to Creating a Personal Video Message

You can use the DemoCreator’s Virtual Avatar recording and customize its settings for a personal message. This method is straightforward, and you can simply start by downloading and launching the software. Here is a guide to start recording a personal message with this:

Step 1. Access the Virtual Recorder in DemoCreator

Upon accessing the main menu, locate the “Virtual Avatar Recording” option and click it. This will display a recorder window on the screen.

access the virtual avatar recording

Free Download
Free Download

Step 2. Create Your Virtual Avatar

In the “Calibration Mode” window, scan your face and click the done button to start. Now, this avatar will follow your facial movements.

stay still and scan your face

Step 3. Customize Recorder Settings and Start Recording

Enable the “Microphone” and “Webcam" options using the recorder pop-up window. Further, you can customize the other settings like the avatar selection, background, and more. After customizing all the settings, hit the red “Recorder” button to start recording.

start recording video message

Step 4. Stop Recording to Add Video in Export Window

Once you stop recording, the video will be added to the “Preview Recording” window. Click the "Export Express" button to save the video.

click the export button

Step 5. Export the Video

Click the “Export Express” button again to save the video in your chosen album. You can also click the "Share" button to share this video on social sites.

save or share video message

Free Download
Free Download


Upon concluding, you are now aware of the tool that can assist you in creating a celebrity video message. Not many tools offer this function; hence, the tools discussed generate precise results. They can clone a celeb's facial expressions, body language, and speech expressions.

In addition, if you want to generate a personal video message for someone, you can use Wondershare DemoCreator. With its virtual avatar recording, you can take things up a notch. You can uplift these videos using text and effects with its resource gallery.

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