How to Record Gameplay on PC

David Wilson
2023-04-20 19:42:33 • Filed to: Game Recording Tools

Catching computer game clips from an outside source or a PC is a basic cycle, and realizing how to record your gameplay on pc is the initial move toward beginning a computer game YouTube channel. In addition, it's additionally enjoyable to catch video to flaunt to companions. To flaunt your remarkable gaming abilities, one needs to learn recording gameplay on PC interactivity to have the option to share the chronicle. Since a game account is a confounded innovative cycle that is very asset escalated, you need a reliable game recorder to depend on for performing how to record game clips on pc.

While proficient computer game decorations and YouTubers have costly arrangements for recording, it doesn't take a lot to begin. Some products and a PC are all you need to begin recording gameplay on pc. A video catch card is additionally important, however just while catching video from an outside source, like a game control center. There is a wide range of games accessible for you to test, going from multiplayer games to FPS games to methodology games, and then some. Furthermore, the fun is multiplied when you share your ongoing interaction with your companions and different players around the world.

Way 1. Record Gameplay on PC with OBS

Most likely the best apparatus of the part, just on account of its open-source nature and adaptability, Open Broadcaster Software or OBS is the favored device for a ton of gamers out there. Be it just chronicle your ongoing interaction or in any event, streaming it one next to the other as well as knowing how to record game clips on pc, OBS is the apparatus for you. You are not needed to change any extraordinary settings, simply select the source which you might want to record and begin recording.

Be that as it may, there is an expectation to learn and adapt to it, which you can get acclimated with on schedule. OBS is fit for recording in MP4 and FLV configurations, and it utilizes your PC's GPU for High-Quality streaming. It's anything but a 1:1 proportion, which means the same way as your board. Aside from fundamental video recording and saving highlights, it has numerous opposite side highlights ideal for video instructional exercises. These highlights remember Picture-for-Picture mode, Custom Watermarks, and Push-to-Talk mode.

Step 1. Select Capture Settings

Choose Display Capture or Game Capture, depending on your needs.

game capture obs

Step 2. Select Resolution

Select the right resolution. The standard web-monitor resolution is 1920x1080. The standard FPS in trailers is 30fps. Some games can get value by using 60fps if they are fast-paced.

obs resolution

Step 3. Choose Hotkeys

Select your Recording hotkeys. These will make it easier to capture footage.

Step 4. Configure Output Settings

capture games obs

Choose an Audio Bit rate of between 192 and 320. This range represents medium through the highest quality audio supported by the MP3 standard.

Way 2. Record Game on PC with Video Capture Device

If you have an Nvidia GPU, you should have effectively gotten prompts to introduce GeForce Experience on your gadget. All things considered, aside from simply refreshing your Nvidia drivers, the product incorporates Nvidia's Shadowplay include too, permitting you to record games without any problem. Perhaps the best component of ShadowPlay is that it utilizes the GPU (Nvenc) to deal with the video encoding, which implies it doesn't need much in the method of CPU power. The product can record at a similar goal as your showcase, so if you have a 4K board, your accounts will likewise be in 4K.

On the off chance that you have an Nvidia GPU, the GeForce Experience tool is an unquestionable requirement attempt, since it's anything but a penny, and typically functions admirably for fundamental ongoing interaction recording. Here are the steps required to record with the capturing device with the help of the built-in windows recorder.

Step 1. Select Record from now (the circle) to start a clip, then stop recording (the square) to end it.

Step 2. Select Take screenshot (the camera icon) to take a picture of what's happening in the game.

Step 3. For full-screen PC games, use the Windows logo key + Alt + G to start and stop recording.

Step 4. To edit a clip, select the Xbox button to open the Xbox app and then select Captures

Way 3. Use an Easy Recorder to Capture Game Videos

While the control center may be on the ascent, an enormous number of gamers depend on PCs for their gaming needs. Wondershare Democreator has an independent Game Capture mode to record PC interactivity, and utilizing this program as a game account tool is incredibly simple. Wondershare DemoCreator has delivered a swift screen recorder with stacked highlights as far as screen catching and post-altering is concerned. Yet, the great element of this screen recorder is its advanced UI and simpler route which we figure numerous clients would appreciate while recording gameplay on the PC. You can record the screen with worked-in sound and it upholds a goal of up to 4K. What's more, you can adjust the webcam and microphone voice-over with an ongoing screen recording and I believe that is a magnificent element to have.

Other than that, you have a choice to record a piece of the screen in windowed mode. As I said, DemoCreator Screen Recorder has a ton of post-recording instruments so you can change over a video into GIF; trim, cut, and join recordings; add energized titles and enhancements, and significantly more. In general, if you need game account tools with a sound portion of altering devices then Wondershare DemoCreator Screen Recorder can be a decent pick.

Step 1. Install and Launch DemoCreator
To kickstart with this software, you need to install this software on your MacBook if it isn't installed already. To assist you, here is the link where you can download it easily for your PC:
After the installation/Updating will be done, now launch the software from the Applications/Utilities of Windows or MacBook.

run democreator

Step 2. Open the Recorder Window
Now to advance with the recording, you need to select the Start New Recording button from the launching window which will take you to the recorder of DemoCreator as follows:

democreator settings

Step 3. Customize Recording Options
In the next step, you need to set up the audio and video settings from the recorder window. You can customize the screen which you want to include in your recording as well as the audio source, either you want to include the Microphone recording or the System sound recording from the straightforward buttons available to you in the recorder window as following:
After you've set up the screen and audio, now hit the record button which will start recording.

democreator record games on pc

Step 4. Edit Output Recordings
As soon as you've hit the stop recording button, it will open up the video editor of DemoCreator which has the recorded media file. Now to edit the file, you can drag it to the timeline and do audio as well as video editing to your recorded media file.
If you want to skip the editing process and export it directly to your MacBook, you can use the FastExport option by doing right-click on the media file and selecting the Fast Export option as follows:

Step 5. Save/Share Recordings
In the final step, you can perform the exporting and sharing option from the video editor of Wondershare DemoCreator with a few clicks. To advance with that, hit the Export button at the top-right corner of the screen and customize the exporting options including output format and the output directory.


Even though streaming these days is simpler than any time in recent memory. Every one of these methods records at superior grade yet may contrast in highlights and usability. Some may do not have a couple of highlights however are easy to utilize making them ideal for amateurs. The one worth noticing is by DemoCreator screen recorder approach, which provides you a handy way for recording gameplay on PC. Other's methods might be left best for experts who need to make a vacation out of real-time and computer game instructional exercises to know how to record gameplay on pc. Hence choice is yours now!