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How to Record Gameplay on PC 2022

Alma Elliott
2023-08-25 21:28:04 • Filed to: Creative Video Effects

With changing technologies now players love to share their gaming experiences online and for this they often need some broadcast software tools. You can also avail so many easy game tutorials over YouTube and sometimes a few engaging stories about gameplay. However, some may wonder how they could record their gameplay. In this case, you can check the solutions from below.

Make Use of OBS

One of the best solutions to complete this task is Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) that is available for free to all users. It can be easily downloaded from internet and once you have installed this software then you need to log in over Twitch.

Here's how to set it up for local recordings, start at the recommended crf 15, and lower the number for higher quality and higher file size recordings, or raise it for slightly lower quality and smaller file sizes.

Create Setup for recording:

Step 1. Go to the settings first, right-click in the Sources box, point to Add, and select Game Capture.


Step 2. Select the application window you want to capture and click OK. You can change these options later, just right-click the game capture source in your Sources list and select Properties.


Step 3. Now click the setting button.

Step 4. Set FPS, video quality, audio, and so on. Click ok.


Step 5. Now to capture your game.

Find white areas of the scene and right-click there select add scene option, and then rename it with the name of your game. Then start your game and go-to sources and right-click, choose your capture window or desktop.

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If you want to use a webcam:

  • Choose the video capture device from sources by right-clicking on it.
  • Select your webcam and hit Okay
  • Choose the preview stream.
  • In the source list, select video capture and then move to order, select "move to top".
  • Hit edit scene button finally.

Other than this you can easily find many software tools for game recording. Some of these are Fraps , XsplitGamecaster , Bandicam , Action and ShadowPlay , etc. Out of all these Fraps is the oldest software program with various customizable recording options and it use to have a low impact on system performance. On the other side the second popular option is ShadowPlay that works especially for Nvidia graphic cards. As ShadowPlay software is directly built inside the Nvidia Cards so users can find its little impact on overall performance.

Use Capture Card

If you want to record gameplay on PC then Elgato Capture Card HD can serve you as the most useful solution. You have attached Elgato capture card HD to the PC on which you want to record your game and it can be done with the help of HDMI input. In order to initiate your recording process you can follow these steps:

Step 1. Connect the output of your PC to Elgato Game Capture HD via HDMI input.

Step 2. Prefer to use a USB 2.0 cable for making a connection from Elgato Game Capture HD to PC.


Step 3. Now visit the display settings of your personal computer and adjust the screen resolution by simply right-clicking on the desktop. It can usually serve you with 720p or in few systems you can set resolution up to 1080p.

Step 4. You will find an option for multiple displays where you have to choose the "Duplicate These Displays" option to run the recording perfectly.

Step 5. Finally hit OK.

With a delay of a few seconds, the recording will start on your PC and everything will be directly moved to the Elgato Game Capture HD. After processing, this signal will come back to the PC again and will be saved in its internal storage.

Some of the best game capture cards available these days are Elgato HD 60, AVerMediaAVerCapture HD, Hauppauge HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition, Game Capture HD Pro, etc. some of these are external capture cards whereas few latest ones are designed to work as internal cards. These cards allow users to enjoy easy streaming and sharing of videos with much better performance. Manufacturers have developed these units with handy features and they are capable enough to meet the specific video editing requirements of professionals as well as beginners. Users can customize their screen resolution before recording and most of these devices are designed to capture videos without causing any compression to the details hence quality is well maintained but the sad part is that it also leads to big file size.

After recording the gameplay on your computer, you can now make a great gameplay video with some video editing software such as Wondershare DemoCreator.

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